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The Case of Khanh Truong

Jane Leung

Jane Leung has been actively working for the underserved communities of Boston since the 1970s. One of her landmark achievements has been the founding of Boston Asian Youth Essential Services, a youth-focused charity organization that provides safety and enrichment for kids and teens of Asian descent.

She has served the community in multiple roles over the years. In 1988, for example, she acted as interpreter for Khahn Truong, a Los Angeles-born Vietnamese man dealing with racial prejudice during his incarceration in MCI Cedar-Junction. She took it upon herself to speak up for Mr. Truong both in the courtroom and in seeking change for Asian men and women in Massachusetts penal institutions.

Still the head of Boston Asian Y.E.S., Jane Leung has avoided the spotlight. Instead she prefers to spend her time working to improve the lives of people around her. It is through the efforts of people like Jane Leung that the world becomes, bit by bit, a better place to be.